BoyensGroup® University

The Boyens Group® is a sales and management consulting and training firm. What makes us unique is that we custom-design all of our programs (speaking, training, consulting or coaching) based upon the unique needs of our clients, the markets that they serve and their budgets. 

Salespeople that utilize the tools and processes we teach are able to:

  • Shorten their sales cycle
  • Increase their average order size
  • Increase the size and quality of their pipeline
  • Improve their share of wallet with existing customers
  • Proactively address sales objections
  • Outsmart their competition
  • Cost-justify their products/services…even if they are the most expensive
  • Position proposals and RFPs to their advantage and “win” a majority of the time
  • Engage in sales conversations versus sales presentations


Boyens University

This online private learning community is tailored for professionals learning new skills that can help advance their careers. It’s the ideal venue for brainstorming, since you’ll be guided by John Boyens and your group’s diverse professional experiences.

Technology makes online learning mobile. Want to join your community while watching your kids’ soccer game? No problem. Need to connect with your subject matter expert/John Boyens over the lunch hour? Easy. 

You need the ability to use online communication tools for business development. This online learning community will create opportunities for you to develop and sharpen skills that will help you work more effectively and achieve your business goals.


  • Access to Your Own Personal Sales Productivity Expert
  • Get Proven Sales Success Tools/Templates/Scripts
  • Learn Prospecting through Social Media Techniques
  • Get templates scripts and tools that work.
  • Access Buyer based research data on 3500 companies to learn how they buy
  • Learn 6 different buying behaviors so you can sell effectively to each one.
  • Get access to your own sales objections library so you’re prepared in all situations
  • View training videos and webinars to enhance your skills at your own pace
  • Get your specific questions answered
  • Warm up cold calls
  • Shorten your speed-to-lead
  • Improve your conversion rate
  • Interact with your peers to learn what they do well
  • This online program will advance your professional communication skills


  • Increase the productivity of your team
  • Help your team become more engaged and accountable
  • Learn how to create a hiring pipeline
  • Create a Repository of your best practices enterprise wide - accessible to all at any time.
  • Utilize a library of interview questions so you can hire better talent
  • Establish repeatable and scalable interview process
  • Keep up to date on the activities of each salesperson
  • Observe/contribute/interact within your own private learning community
  • Have access to proven sales leadership tools, techniques, processes, and concepts
  • New sales leaders will shorten your ramp time to success

Boyens University




What our clients say:

John, you have had a tremendous impact on our business. The Stand Firm Plan resulted in a smooth negotiation that allowed us to win a $186,000 consulting contract. We demonstrated value to the client without reducing our professional fees.

Kevin Brown; CEO; The Futures Company



 Contact Info:

tel: 615-337-1504

fax: 615-628-0505