Managing the Outside Sales Rep MP3

$ 24.95

This audio file will help sales leaders and business owners more effectively manage their outside sales team.  Most sales leaders didn’t go into sales management because they expressed an interest or because they demonstrated a specific skill.  The fact is they were good salespeople that got promoted (sometimes kicking and screaming) without being trained on how to be successful in their new role.  This audio will correct that!  You will learn five “mission critical” tasks/activities salespeople must do to on a regular basis be successful, how to determine if someone has the “will” and “skill” to do the job, how to help their salespeople create individual success formulas and activity guidelines as well as the importance of setting clear goals/expectations.  In addition, you will be introduced to our Review and Plan (RAP) session outline and our “SNAP” Shot developmental coaching tool.

Duration - 31 minutes